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Sample Resumes  ...  And More!

Need Help with Your Resume?

If you are looking for sample resumes and other resume writing help, you have come to the right place. 

We at Sample Resume Zone have put together over 30 free sample resumes as well as other free resources to help you write a winning resume.

Look for a sample resume that you can use to get ideas for the format and content of your resume, but don't copy the sample resume verbatim. 

Remember, your resume should highlight what separates you from other jobseekers and tell your unique story.  Strive to make your resume be a unique reflection of your experience, accomplishments, and education.

Be sure to include not only your duties and responsibilities for each position on your resume, but also your accomplishments. Your accomplishments will be what helps you to stand out from other candidates.


Whenever possible, quantify your accomplishment by using $'s, %'s, and numbers. Think in terms of landing new customers, increasing revenue, entering new markets, negotiating cost savings, reducing costs, reducing inventory, reducing scrap/rework, improving vendor performance, reducing lead times, improving product availability, improving productivity, and/or improving quality. Documenting these quantifiable accomplishments in your resume will help you increase your marketability.

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