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Resume Makeover Example

This sample resume makeover example is provided courtesy of Quest Outplacement, an outplacement company that provides outplacement services to jobseekers located throughout the world. 

This resume is reprinted with Quest's permission. 

Client's Before Resume with Problems Identified

Discussion of Solutions to Resume Problems

After Resume Showing How Problems are Corrected 

Before Resume After Resume
Before Resume

John Doe
2100 Logan Avenue
Los Angeles, CA   12345

1. Without a job objective, the resume lacks focus. The type of job he wants and why he is qualified for it is unclear to the reader.

2. The resume lacks a summary section to highlight his broad range of experience and to highlight his strongest work experience sooner.

Work Experience
(6/96 5/97)
ABC Video
Sales Associate
  • Top district sales associate, 1st Quarter 1997.
  • Achieved highest number written customer commendations to company president, about one per month.

3. This chronological style resume highlights his weaknesses of being currently unemployed and of his most recent employment not being his strongest work experience.
(9/91 3/96)
XYZ Cleaners, Inc.
  • Owned and managed complete facilities in two locations and a pick up/delivery route.
  • Achieved 15% growth annually.
  • Added shirt facilities, lowering out-sourcing expenses by 25%.

4. After questioning him about his marketing positions, it is discovered that he has left key accomplishments off his resume.
(11/90 7/91)
Able, Inc.
Manager, Marketing Communications
  • Requested for this new position to develop product awareness through various media.
  • Responsible for strategy, concept, research and production of various forms of media that support company messages.
  • Developed and produced interactive video sales program saving the company $1.5M over 18-month period.

(6/88 10/90)
A1 Company
Manager, Marketing
  • Requested for this position to increase sales in business channels.
  • Developed and implemented promotional activities and material. Achieved 100% to 250% of sales objectives per sales stimulation.
  • Trained account executives and sales representatives.
  • Created and delivered a variety of presentations to business owners, sales personnel and company executives.
  • Increased representation in sales channels from 300 to approximately 500 sales personnel.
  • Developed and managed a budget of $750K.

Before Resume

John Doe
Page 2
(11/80 5/88)
Assistant Manager, Advertising
  • Developed and implemented exhibit program.
  • Pioneered many interactive video programs for sales and trade show exhibits.
  • Project manager of a variety of special company projects including the multi-million dollar A1 Exhibit.

(8/76 10/80)
Supervisor, A1 Museum
  • Assisted project manager overseeing design and construction of museum.
  • Planned and implemented promotion strategy. Achieved 90% attendance growth during tenure.
  • Served as company spokesperson, appearing in television, radio, and print.
  • Supervised and trained twelve tour guides.

Related Experience

5. The Related Experience section can be shortened and included in a Skills section
(1976 1993)
Best Photography
  • Owned sports photography business serving sports marketing firms and magazines.
  • Achieved growth of about 10% annually.
  • Recipient of several national photography awards.


6. The Education section contains so much information that it is confusing.
Travel Education Center - Buffalo, NY
University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, MN
American Film Institute - Hollywood, CA
A.H. Marketing Institute
College of St. Thomas

References available upon request

7. The statement about references being available upon request is unnecessary.

Copyright © 2000 Quest Career Services, LLC .  All Rights Reserved. Reproduction of this resume makeover example is prohibited without the consent of Quest Outplacement, an outplacement company that provides outplacement services to jobseekers located throughout the world.




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